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Here at Write To Heal, we believe having conversations and not being afraid to have real, raw and honest discussions is an important way we can help dismantle barriers, lessen mental health stigma and help others feel less alone. Together, we can help change the narrative and create a safe space for inclusion and representation, a place for all voices, and to share different experiences to learn from each other, and support one another’s healing and growth, collectively. Some conversations have included ‘sharing your truth’, ‘lived experience with bipolar’, ‘the importance of self-love’ and more.[/box-3]

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Anybody can feature on an instagram live with Tess. If you want to be part of the conversation, please connect with Tess on Instagram and send her a message to pitch your conversation topic and interest. If appropriate, she’ll reply with an option to schedule in a time that suits you (in your time zone).

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Disclaimer: This site is not a professional help service. Please call your local mental health line if you are experiencing distress or feel at risk.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we live and work and pay our respects to elders past, present and future

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