[title align=”left” type=”line”]Sharing stories creates conversations which breaks down barriers, and helps heal the collective[/title]

Your story is important to us and the viewers who read this blog. We encourage submissions from people of all backgrounds, cultures and groups. This is a space that welcomes individuals to share their unique voice and experience on a diverse range of topics and issues. You don’t have to be a professional blogger, or writer. You just have to be a real person, with genuine intentions who has a real story to share, and is willing to share honestly.

We are looking for personal stories with heart and an important message that needs to be shared. Stories we publish are insightful & authentic, sparking creativity, inspiration and possibility through real stories of healing, courage and growth. Your story needs to consist of three essential elements:

Δ How you overcame a challenging moment in your life
Δ Why being creative is important OR what your passionate about (what lights you up) & how this helped you in your journey
Δ Insightful message readers can easily take away

When we heal ourselves, we begin to heal others.

Anyone, of any age, from any location can submit an original post (not previously published anywhere else, including your own site). You’ll then have the opportunity to set up your bio with any links and image you wish to include in your blog post.

Your story is important. And we appreciate your interest to share with our community. Before you submit, please read the disclaimer below.

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[/title] By submitting your story on this site, you give permission for the author of this blog to publicly share & tag you on social media platforms to make visible the content you share with us, to it’s community and audience. If this causes any distress, we advise not to submit your story.
This site is not a professional help or advice service. If you feel you’re at risk and need to speak to a mental health professional, please call your local mental health line or if in NSW, Australia call the NSW mental health line on
1800 011 511.
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Disclaimer: We are not a crisis service. Please call the local mental health line if you are experiencing distress or feel at risk.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we live and work and pay our respects to elders past, present and future

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