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Well Creative Minds provides bespoke services for self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants and their families who are experiencing unique mental health-related challenges or conditions that severely impacts them from living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Starting off as a sole provider in 2020, WCM has grown organically through word of mouth into a team of highly-skilled, experienced & qualified individuals dedicated to providing a premium service that is as unique as the participants we support. 

What we offer

 We help participants to achieve their goals, and develop daily living and life skills that support their well-being and personal development so they can feel empowered to live life to the full,  as independently as possible. Our services are individualised, flexible, evidence-based, holistic, and collaborative with a person-centred focus.


Our team are committed to building long term, positive relationships with our clients and with those most important to them.  In addition to all the essential checks, our team have industry experience and qualifications including behaviour support, psychology, counselling, education, nursing, mental health and disability/community support. 


Psychosocial Support Services


Social & Community Participation

Our support workers offer support with social, recreational and community access and/or participation. Our support workers will assist and support you in the community whether it is transport, attending appointments, doing grocery shopping, helping with errands, engaging in social and/or outdoor activities and more.

Mentoring & Peer Support

Our mentors are a positive role model and will work with you on a specific task, skill or goal. Mentors and peer support workers will help you develop individual skills, build confidence, improve social skills, life skills and relationships. Mentors and peer support workers will walk alongside you as you take steps to achieve your goals. 

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaches have lived experience as well as the expertise to work effectively with you to help build capacity and live a full and contributing life. Our coaches work collaboratively with participants, support workers, families, care workers and other services to identify, plan, design and coordinate NDIS supports.

Daily Activity Support

Assistance with daily living includes providing support for regular personal activities and supervision of personal daily tasks. This may include help with completing chores, meal  preparation, general domestic duties, making phone calls, responding to emails and other every day activities. 

Allied Health Assistance

We work collaboratively with allied health professionals who are part of the participants care team.  Our AHA are experienced and qualified to Work independently and alongside the participants practitioner to help implement plans and strategies developed by the participants health practitioner.

Counselling & Parental Support

Our counsellors will explore deeper into issues that are preventing you from achieving your goals, to help facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance, and the optimal development of personal resources to help you gain greater insight, empowering you to make decisions that support you and your family.

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Simply contact us here, and tell us a bit about you, what services you would like us to help you with and how we can best contact you. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days for a complimentary chat.

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After we’ve had a chat over the phone to ensure we can help you, we’ll match you with one of our workers, coaches or mentors and organise a meet and greet to ensure It’s a good fit!

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When all parties involved are happy to move forward with the arrangement, with intake form and service agreement completed and signed, we can get started as early as the following week!

More about us

we’re a small team of passionate and kind humans

We’re made up of a small team of kind humans with unique experiences and interests, who are passionate about helping all individuals and their families. We also understand the importance of rapport building and consistent, collaborative and compassionate care. All our team members have studied relevant fields including counselling, behaviour support, nursing and psychology.  As a small business, we look after our people and provide ongoing support and training so they can help those who are in need of it most. We take the time and effort to get to know the people we work with, tailor unique and individualised plans for all our clients and will work collaboratively with you, to help you achieve your goals and reach the best possible outcome for you.

Person-centred, holistic, compassionate and collaborative.

Well Creative Minds gave me an opening to flourish ~ Marc

Well Creative Minds has been the pinnacle step in my own (mind illness dilemmas). I as an individual have blossomed. I have found that having a stable rapport with a particular person, as apposed to just variable workers from an agency has allowed my ability to settle.This further enhanced my ability to connect, ‘Anxiety” is a predominant factor in my disability. Well Creative Minds” offerred an opening with which I could choose to flourish, into deeper independence and confidence. Sharing my discoveries into community once more. I have gained tremendously with Tess and her “Well Creative Minds”, and continue to feel the sense of hope, which has returned to my life can stay. This, along with and within her continuing support through “Well Creative Minds” brings my future into a better light.. Thank you. Sincerely Marc.

Marc Harry, Qi-Gong Teacher & NDIS participant

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the types of participants you work with?

We understand each individual is different, with different needs. We work with individuals across the lifespan including children as young as 3 years, who predominately have a psychosocial disability, and/or experience a range of mental health conditions, challenging behaviours or complex presentations.

What are your prices and what does it include?

Our price structure is as per the current NDIS price guideline found on their website. This allows us to pay our workers above award and provide ongoing support and training so that our services continue to be at an exceptional standard. We are very transparent and provide a very clear and detailed service agreement before services begin.

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Even just one small act of kindness has a ripple effect

About the founder & director

I was working as a sole provider for a few years while studying psychology before choosing to take a step back to continue my journey towards becoming a psychologist.  Now I get to work alongside an incredible team of passionate and amazing humans, add to my tool belt and help more people!

But my journey into health and wellness, started long before that! I have written and blogged about some of my experiences (including my own battle with mental health) over the years (lot’s of evolving and growing since ha!). And when I get the opportunity to do so, I still love to write! …

To me, being creative is the ability to cope with life’s uncertainties, and navigate adversity with courage and resilience. I’m a creative by nature, who  lives near the beach, loves dogs (yes I have to stop and pat them all), enjoys exploring waterfalls and being surrounded by nature.

WCM is still young and always evolving (aren’t we all! ;)) ..
Stay tuned for updates by following us on fb & ig.
Thank you for your continued support!

Warmest regards

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