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Finding purpose during lockdown

Creativity, Mental Health

How one woman found her purpose during lockdown


Last year, Karima approached me and I thought what better time than now to share her inspiring story and how a creative pursuit helped her and others through a difficult time. Karima is a podcaster, spoken word writer, and storyteller that lives by the ‘share to inspire’ mantra.

Karima Zidani found the ‘courage’ to get started on a project she had always wanted to do when it felt like lockdown would never end. This time last year, Karima began her dream of helping young people with mental health struggles by bringing more awareness through her podcast, Casually Normies which tells inspiring stories of young people from all around the globe, sharing their insights on mental health, wellbeing & the major life lessons we can walk out with.

“I always had this thought of starting a podcast & create content that helps young people survive the adulting life.”

Growing up, Karima says she had pretty tough teenage years with few people she could really look up to. On her podcast, Karima shines a light on important topics with both her guests and listeners on the podcast. From sexual abuse to toxic relationships and broken homes, frustrated unhappy people stuck in their jobs, to young minds dealing with online predators and bullying. She says all these people have something in common, it’s being gaslighted to remain silenced & not seek help.

“No matter how we keep advocating for awareness, the stigma is still there.”

A way to move forward, Karima believes we need to believe people who are brave enough to speak up, leaders, decision-makers and every single being should talk about empowerment & having a voice.

Evidence shows there are many benefits to pursuing a creative project and it can be healing


On starting her podcast Karima had her fears


“On my podcasting journey, my biggest challenge was my fears & emotions. I wasn’t sure how people may react to the show, are they going to like it or not, am I getting negativity in return, how am I going to step into the real world of podcasting and live shows and find my place.”

But she didn’t let a few obstacles get in her way of pursuing her dreams.  And says it turned out to be something different and motivating that pushes her to do better. And is proud the content of the podcast is really appreciated among her listeners with great reviews and was even featured on the apple charts of Lituania only after 3 episodes !!

Karima’s personal dream is to keep doing what she likes the most which is to inspire.

“I really hope that I can impact people’s lives in a positive way & contribute in their success & their will to thrive and not just survive. My message will be to embrace yourself and the big achiever in you, trust yourself and your intuition.”


Find Karima on her podcast @casuallynormiespodcast


WCM Team

WCM Team


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