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Case Studies

Case Studies

Participant A

Shelly (not real name), a woman in her late 50’s was transitioning from hospital into the community and was needing 7 days support. Our team had been working with her, for several hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team helped her build her self-esteem, confidence and skills in order to access and participate in the community and rebuild her relationships with her family again. One our support workers, would often liaise with her doctor, setting up appointments and ensure her medications were accurate, whilst others organised in home psychologists appointments. Shelly was often very teary, anxious and distressed and a lot of the time, our support workers would calmly listen and help her regulate her emotions again. After each visit, Shelly would report feeling more positive. Within 3 months, Shelly felt more confident to go to the shops on her own and her self-care routine had improved significantly. Her relationships were improving and she was attending art workshops alongside like minded women. Shelly was starting get her self-esteem and confidence back, and her distressed states became less severe over time, with the consistent support she was receiving.


Participant B

Mary (not real name) a young woman in her mid 20’s, home bound with severe trauma and a neurological disorder that affects her physically and not wanting to leave the home receives 7 days a week support from our team. Each of our support workers communicate daily when they are not working, to ensure everyone is on the same page and Mary is receiving consistent supports that are tailored to her unique needs and situation. Mary’s recovery coach who leads the team of support workers for Shelly, is often doing a lot of work organising appointments and liaising with her allied health team to ensure Mary is receiving the care she needs. Mary’s recovery coach often checks in with her and will have regular meetings with her primary support coordinator to ensure Mary’s needs are being taken care of. Mary has had a difficult time in the past, keeping her team of supports on due to the high burn out rate, however Well Creative Minds has now been working consistently with Mary for a year.


Participant C

Bobby (not real name) a man in his late 50’s has a psychosocial disability and deep trauma, and social anxieties, enjoys staying active and exploring the city. Spends his time with his support workers going for bush walks, visiting new places, pursuing creative hobbies, and grabbing a coffee. As a result Bob has opened up a lot more and has begun to heal his traumas. Bobby still experiences many set backs, but with the help of his support team, is able to bounce back. Bobby loves a good conversation, wants to feel heard and understood and not told how to live his life. Bob knows what works for him and our support workers work alongside him to ensure he is feeling understood, heard and well supported, building on his strengths and skillset to improve his capacity to feel confident in pursuing his goals, including forming social relationships and participating in activities that keep Bob from feeling isolated.


Participant D

Ashleigh (not real name) came to us seeking recovery coaching at a time when she was most vulnerable, feeling like her previous provider and coordinator was not providing the adequate support she needed, she could not reach them for months and was left with out no help for a while. Mostly she felt unheard and not understood and disclosed to us she did not feel they had the knowledge and experience to help her as this provider lacked empathy, and the mental health knowledge especially that was needed for someone like her who had CPTSD along with other mental health challenges. Within days of Ashleigh signing up, our recovery coach was able to change her plan manager, and engage regular consistent supports with a support worker that was a good fit for Ashleigh. Her most recent feedback to us, reads….

“….I really appreciate it and confirms even more that I made the right decision in choosing Well Creative Minds as you are all providing me the support that I need and deserve and is very refreshing after my previous experiences…”


Tess Philip

Tess Philip

Tess is a provisional psychologist, currently completing an internship toward full registration. She is a former independent support worker and recovery coach who founded Well Creative Minds in 2020 while studying and as a platform to share her passion for writing. In 2022, she grew her team to meet the growing demand for the niche psychosocial services, Well Creative Minds provides.


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