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Hi, I’m Tess, Recovery Coach, Psychology student & Creative

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I created this space to merge my passions for creativity, wellbeing and mental health.  I’ve worked in the health and wellness space for over a  decade, as a remedial massage therapist, digital marketing assistant and ghostwriter but nothing has been more fulfilling as doing what I do now! Writing has always been my outlet and I believe expressing yourself creatively whatever it might be, is empowering. Evidence shows us, in addition to sharing stories as a way to connect with others, doing so can facilitate the healing process for ourselves and those we are sharing our stories with. 

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Creative Projects

     Express yourself creatively

Creative expression is linked with improved wellbeing and mental health. Being in the ‘flow state’ or ‘in the zone’ improves focus, mental clarity, decreases stress and improves overall mood. Feel supported with your creative passion

Recovery Coaching

Youth and Adults

Take more control and lead a more fulfilling life. Feel a sense of connectedness and purpose, overcome personal challenges, improve relationships, skills, confidence, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

Psychosocial support

Non-Therapeutic Interventions

Achieve recovery goals through non-clinical services to build, maintain daily living activities and community access, social connectedness, engagement in work or training, and maintain physical and social wellbeing.

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Quick facts about me! …

I'm a trained and experienced youth mentor

I got my training as a youth mentor through RAISE where I volunteered at a high school and have since worked with a number of young people.

I have a business degree and life coaching certificate!

While I was a remedial massage therapist, I was studying my first degree majoring in marketing & a year later, I completed a life coaching certificate.

I freelanced in online marketing & copywriting

After completing my degree, and fed up trying to find work I ventured on my own and helped others share their message online and help others.

I was hospitalised for brief psychosis at 17

But it took me A LONG time to really feel comfortable talking about this due to the stigma. I didn’t understand myself until I got into my 30’s.

I experienced bullying & harassment in the workplace!

Bullying in the workplace is so common. Unfortunately, I have experienced it A LOT and witnessed others and It’s something I feel quite strongly about.

Writing was an outlet and way I could express myself

I started blogging in 2013 and professionally writing soon after which led to being featured in a number of publications (below) and other opportunities.

intuitive and sensitive

Tess is excellent. She is very intuitive, sensitive and has a very connected and aligned approach to help others.  During our session we have achieved the result I wanted to get in an aligned and soul-based way, which is great.

Suzi Kaeufer

humble and compassionate

Facebook really needs a video review section so you can truly see and feel the love I have for Tess and her incredible humble and compassionate spirit. Tess is a big burst of inspiration, creativity and authenticity.

Kristy Targrass

Creativity is an attitude. An inner approach.  How you look at things ~ Osho

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Disclaimer: We are not a crisis service. Please call the local mental health line if you are experiencing distress or feel at risk.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we live and work and pay our respects to elders past, present and future

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